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Sport compression stockings

Compression socks for sport


Whether you are running to exercise or compete, compression socks specially developed for running is a good idea. This type of stockings in high quality can have a performance enhancing effect in the shape of a faster run as well as preventing injuries. The aim of compression stockings is to enhance your blood circulation, so the blood flows more easily from the legs and feet and back to the heart. They also help prevent blood clots and varicose veins arising from putting pressure on the legs for prolonged periods of time.


There are several advantages connected to the use of compression stockings for running: most importantly is probably the enhanced blood flow in the lower legs that you are ensured with a pair of stockings of high quality. You will also experience an improved comfort during your run as well as having fresher legs the day after. Poor blood circulation is actually partly the reason for tired and sore legs, which is not necessarily due to a run, but can also be caused by a long and strenuous working day.


With compression socks for running you are well on your way


There is no reason to compromise on your health, when you can find cheap compression socks on this site. The optimal blood flow, which we have briefly touched on above, is basically working like this:


The pressure and hereby the blood circulation will under normal circumstances get weaker the further away from the heart you get. That means that you have very poor circulation at your feet which inhibits your body. With a pair of compression stockings you will get added pressure to the leg creating an enhanced blood circulation. The pressure will become more even all the way from the heart and down to the feet which, as mentioned, is indeed the aim of these stockings.


Buy your compression socks for running online


There are numerous advantages to buying your compression stockings online; first and foremost you get them at a favourable price not available in the shops. The pricing is probably the most important reason, as compression stockings are somewhat more expensive than normal stockings, and this is why you have to look for the good offers if you do not want to spend a fortune.


With us you get fast delivery as well as a personal service without compromises, even though we are an online shop. Please contact us by email or phone, if you have questions you wish answered. As we are specialists within the area, we guarantee you we can be of help. We also have a big selection of compression stockings in various lengths and classes which can be delivered directly to your door.

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