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Compression tights


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Compression tights


Compression stockings are a fantastic help for you, no matter age or weight. Everyone can benefit from compression stockings which are not aimed only at pregnant women and people with various sufferings, on the contrary. However, compression tights are of course aimed at women who would like to have tights with build-in support. On top of the extra support, this type allows you do wear the tights with a skirt or dress.


With compression tights you are guaranteed a completely unique advantage which gives you optimal blood circulation. The purpose of the tights is exactly to give you improved blood circulation in the sense that the blood will flow more easily from legs and feet and back to the heart. Normally the pressure is weakened the further away from the heart you get while you with compression stockings get an even pressure all the way and thereby a significant better circulation.


Why choose tights rather than stockings?


That is a really good question, as why would you actually? There is the overall practical advantage of being able to wear the tights underneath a skirt or dress where a pair of ordinary stockings might look less fashionable. Tights are therefore an advantage if you need extra support underneath your work uniform, or at a festive event.


Also, thee pressure in the compression tights are graded, so you get different pressure depending on where it is necessary. This is why you will have extra pressure at the ankles where the circulation is struggling. The same is happening the further up the stocking you get where extra pressure is also put on the veins.


The whole idea behind the extra pressure is to improve the blood circulation by adding pressure to the venous pump which otherwise is on a stand still during the day. Compression stockings are a very good investment especially if you sit still or stand for prolonged periods of time during the day


See our selection of compression tights


We have several types of tights with support which differs from each other in both material and colour. All the models do however provide the high functionality which helps to prevent tired and sore legs at the end of the day. We have both black and see-through stockings suitable for different situations and needs. Which type that is right for you depends on your individual wishes, as the pressure and functionality is the same as mentioned earlier.


If you are unsure of which size to choose, we have a size guide underneath each product. Here you can find help to choose the right size for you.

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