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Compressionsockshop.co.uk makes sure the delivery is done by the UK post office (unless otherwise stated) to the recipient on the date stated in the order. However, delivery on time presupposes the UK post office keeps their delivery. Should delays occur with the UK post office it will cause an equal delay in the delivery in regards to the desired delivery day. The quality goal of the UK post office in regards to ensuring delivery is 97% for parcels and a minimum of 99% for packages. However, please note that these percentages are averages and may include large local and time limited variations. Compressionsockshop.co.uk is not responsible for delays from the UK post office. In cases of very delayed (several days) or completely missing deliveries, Compressionsockshop.co.uk will of course send a new delivery without any additional cost.

Price of shipping and handling in UK £ 3.(free delivery on orders above £ 40. ) Fast delivery directly from our storeroom..


Compressionsockshop.co.uk gives a 2 year warranty in accordance with the consumer law including defects found during normal use of the item. The warranty does not cover defects, damage or wear occurred directly or indirectly as a result of wrong use, poor maintenance, violence or unauthorised altering. Complaints regarding flaws and defects have to be reported to Compressionsockshop.co.uk within reasonable time after observing the defect or flaw or after the defect or flaw should have been observed. In connection with complaint cases Compressionsockshop.co.uk will within reason cover the cost of returning the items.

In connection with defects, returns of goods , flaws or missing deliveries please contact:


Unit 4431

13 Freeland Park

Wareham Road



BH16 6FH


Email: info@compressionsockshop.co.uk

Items should also be returned to this address - please note, we do not pay parcels sent by cash on delivery. It is not mandatory, but it speeds up the handling of the case if there is comprehensive information along with the parcel - e.g. a copy of order confirmation, sort code, a bank account number to which we can make a repayment, copy of potential previous correspondence etc.


A complete or partly repayment of the purchase price has to take place in case of an agreed price reduction or returned or prepaid goods paid for before shipment. Repayment is usually done by wire transfer, and Compressionsockshop.co.uk therefore needs information regarding sort code and account number for your bank account.


No personal information registered on Compressionsockshop.co.uk will at any given point be handed over, sold to or made available to a third party. All information is kept securely and is only available to trusted employees at Compressionsockshop.co.uk

I connection with electronic payment we are using a secure encrypted method through the web shop system. It is an approved provider with an approval from the UK e-mark, the official UK accreditation for online trading.

The shop system uses so-called cookies for handling the content of the shopping cart. A cookie is just a name for a file saved on your own PC. We use cookies to recognise you and e.g. remember which goods are usually in the shopping cart when you shop online at Compressionsockshop.co.uk. You also have the opportunity to ask the system to save your address information for your next visit. Should you later on wish to delete this information you can do so via the browser settings. In Internet Explorer this is done via “Tools" and "Internet Options”.

When placing an order, we will ask for a name, address, telephone number and email address. This information is used only to handle the order. The information is transmitted and stored electronically and non-encrypted and saved for 5 years in accordance with the bookkeeping law. The actual “contract” (sales agreement) is not stored with Compressionsockshop.co.uk in a way, so you later on can log on to view status.

Beside this, we register the IP address used to place to order. The information usually has no use, but might be useful should a police investigation become necessary. The IP address is kept for as long as necessary in regards to a potential police investigation. All fake orders are reported to the police!

You also have the choice of adding your email address to Compressionsockshop.co.uk mailing list, so you continuously receive news and other information from Compressionsockshop.co.ukYou can at any given time subscribe or unsubscribe, as you wish.

When you are registered with Compressionsockshop.co.uk you always have the right to object to the registration according to the personal date protection act, and gain access to the information we hold about you. You gain access by contacting your contact person who can be a physical person or Compressionsockshop.co.uk

According to the personal data protection act we will upon request inform you about the registered information, and based on potential objections we will delete the information as requested.


Compressionsockshop.co.uk accepts payment by Master/VISA-Card/Paypal. The payment will be debited your account when the goods are shipped.

Compressionsockshop.co.uk encrypts all your account information with the so called SLL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. This means that unauthorized people will not be able to decipher your account number or other information during the transaction with PBS (a payment business service).


You have a 14 day right of withdrawal on the bought items from the day you receive them, or from the day you receive your order confirmation should you receive this after the items. If you choose to exercise you right of withdrawal please return the goods in the same condition (as can be reasonable expected) and amount you received them in. The right of withdrawal can also be exercised by refusing to receive the items or by returning the goods in person to Compressionsockshop.co.uk when the returned items have been received and approved, we will make a repayment to your account within a few days. The cost of returning the goods falls on you.


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