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The unique effect of compression stockings

The unique effect of compression stockings

Compression stockings help the blood circulation from legs and feet back to the heart. With the help from the stockings you will get a considerably improved health and reduced swellings in legs and feet. In short, the working conditions of the venous pumps are improved noticeably, as the compression stockings provide a massaging pressure. It improves the circulation in the entire body and thus you get a healthier and more comfortable everyday life.


There are many different types of compression stockings to suit individual needs and situations. You can find compression stockings for men, compression stockings for pregnant women, and fashionable compression stockings.


Who needs compression stockings?

If you are in your early 30s it might be difficult picturing yourself with compression stockings. Many associate this type of stockings with elderly people suffering from various circulatory issues. However, this is a misapprehension – on the contrary stockings with support fit a wide range of purposes and age groups. We have put together a short list of situations where you can benefit from compression stockings:


  • If you walk and stand still for longer periods of time – for instance when you are working.
  • If you sit still for longer periods of time, for instance when you are working, flying or driving a car
  • If you are pregnant or suffer with swelling in legs and feet.
  • If you have problems with varicose veins.


There are many situations where stockings with support are helpful – even if you are not pregnant or have no circulatory issues.


Our big selection of compression stockings gives you a unique chance of finding a pair that suits you and your needs. In the selection of fashionable compression stockings you will find stockings with both function and a great look making them more user friendly in your everyday life.


We offer many good deals where you can get 2 or 5 pairs of compression stockings at favourable prices – this is the perfect place to start if you have not tried these kinds of stockings before. 


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The possibilities are almost endless, so take a look around and find the compression stockings that suit your needs.

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